2014 McKinney Contest Winners



$300.00 First Prize Undergraduate Fiction/Drama

Branson Gerst
Major: Chemical Engineering
Title: "In Service to Cannibals"


$175.00 Second Prize Undergraduate Fiction/Drama

Jony Rozon
Major: Physics and Applied Physics
Title:  "Nick Gogan’s Bed"

$75.00 Third Prize Undergraduate Fiction/Drama

David Gardiner 
Major:  Mechanical Engineering; Electrical; and Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Mechanical Engineering
Title:   "The Black Waitress"



$300.00 First Prize Graduate Fiction/Drama

Simon Ellis
Major: Computer Science
Title:  "The Legends We Make Ourselves"

$175.00 Second Prize Graduate Fiction/Drama

Anthony Maiorana
Major:  Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Title:   “Bitter Summer"

$75.00 Third Prize Graduate Fiction/Drama

Marco Fernando Navarro
Major: Communication and Media
Title: "The Neck of Jesus"



$300.00 First Prize Undergraduate Poetry

Jonah Duch
Major: Materials Engineering
Title:  Poems: 2013 – 2014 (collection)

$175.00 Second Prize Undergraduate Poetry

Mary Dalton
Major: Electrical Engineering
Title:  Broken Dolls  (collection)

$75.00 Co-Third Prize Undergraduate Poetry

Bridget Cohen
Major:  Information Technology and Web Science
Title: Orange Pop  (collection)

$75.00 Co-Third Prize Undergraduate Poetry

Brandon Win

Major:  Psychology and Biology

Title:  Friday Night  (collection)


$300.00 First Prize Graduate Poetry

Jedediyah Williams
Major: Computer Science
Title:  "Cindy" (within the collection An Outside Joke)

$175.00 Second Prize Graduate Poetry

Adam Daskalakis
Major:  Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering
Title:   "An Ode to Melancholy Manifesto”

* No Third Prize was awarded




$300.00 First Prize Undergraduate Essay

Nico Rappoli
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Title: "Jaws—A Horror Film Adaptation"

$175.00 Co-Second Prize Undergraduate Essay

Elizabeth Anderson
Major: Sustainability Studies
Title:   "The Legacy of Ian McHarg: GIS and Urban Planning"

$175.00 Co-Second Prize Undergraduate Essay

Kihwan Kim
Major: Electrical Engineering and Electrical Computer and System Engineering
Title:   "February 12th of 2011"

$75.00 Third Prize Undergraduate Essay

Christina Bush
Major: Biology
Title: "Who Saved Whom?"



$300.00 First Prize Graduate Essay

Jason Coley
Major: Communication and Rhetoric
Title:   "Critical Discourse Analysis of the NRA’s Response to Sandy Hook"

$175.00 Second Prize Graduate Essay

Ben Schneiderman
Major: Architecture
Title:   "Choice of Nightmares: Psychoanalysis Meets Conrad and Kafka"

$75.00 Third Prize Graduate Essay

Elizabeth Anderson
Major: Sustainability Studies
Title:   "The Legacy of Ian McHarg: GIS and Urban Planning"


Electronic Media Arts and Communication


$300.00 First Prize Undergraduate Electronic Media

Frank Appio
Major: Electronic Media Arts and Communicaiton
Title:   "No Symbols for Cymbals”

$175.00 Second Prize Undergraduate Electronic Media

Nathan Fullerton
Major: Electronic Media Arts and Communication
Title:   "Feedback"

$75.00 Third Prize Undergraduate Electronic Media

Chan Wei Sheng Jonathan (Jonathan Chan)

Major:  Communication

Title:  “The Half and Half Man”


No prizes awarded in Graduate Electronic Media