2015 McKinney Contest Winners

Undergraduate Fiction/ Drama

$300 First Prize Undergraduate Fiction/Drama (Tie)

Doug Norton

Major: Computer Science

Title: "Wind and Snow”


Ryan Scaringe

Major: Business and Management

Title: (Screenplay) “Eden-Esta”


$175 Second Prize Undergraduate Fiction/Drama

Nolan Feola

Major: Biology

Title: “A Sequential Symphony”


$75 Third Prize Undergraduate Fiction/Drama

Brian Kaszuba

Major:  Biology

Title:  “Thank God Nutella is Sticky”


Honorable Mentions

Francesca Huber

Major: Computer Science

Title:  “Hunger”


Gabriella Rollo

Major: Biochemistry/Biophysics

Title: “Home Again”


Sara Wartofsky 

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Title:  “House Gremlins” 


Graduate Fiction/ Drama

$300 First Prize Graduate Fiction/Drama

Simon Ellis

Major: Computer Science

Title: “I Feel Like I Could Run Forever”


$175 Second Prize Graduate Fiction/Drama

Britney Summit-Gil

Major: Communication & Rhetoric

Title: “Tell her, Sue”


$75 Third Prize Graduate Fiction/Drama

Jacqueline Bowler

Major:  Communication & Rhetoric

Title:  “Tamaryn’s House”


Undergraduate Poetry


$300 First Prize Undergraduate Poetry

Madison Wyatt

Major: Physics

Title: (Collection) Shadows From Behind


$175 Second Prize Undergraduate Poetry

Deborah Winograd

Major: Biology

Title: (Collection) Showers and Sifting


$75 Third Prize Undergraduate Poetry

Conner Riel

Major:  Computer Science

Title:  (Collection) ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Various Poetic Works


Graduate Poetry


$300 First Prize Graduate Poetry

Ainsley Pinkowitz

Major: Materials Engineering

Title: (Collection) I Try Not to Spend Too Much Time on the Internet


$175 Second Prize Graduate Poetry

Jacqueline Bowler

Major: Communication & Rhetoric

Title: (Collection) A Collection of Poems


$75 Third Prize Graduate Poetry

Britney Summit-Gil

Major:  Communication & Rhetoric

Title:  (Collection) Selected Poetry



Undergraduate Essay


$300 First Prize Undergraduate Essay

Graham Ramsey

Major: Information Technology and Web Science

Title: “The Bamboozled American Effect”


$175 Second Prize Undergraduate Essay

Kathryn McGuire

Major: Computer Science

Title: “Window-Sized City”


$75 Third Prize Undergraduate Essay

Andrew Rainville

Major:  Business and Management

Title:  “A Great Oft-Forgotten”

Graduate Essay


$300 First Prize Graduate Essay

Robb Conrad Lauzon

Major: Communication and Rhetoric

Title: “’Good Night, Planet Earth. Good Night, Humanity’: A Eulogy for a Lunar Rover”


$175 Second Prize Graduate Essay

Candice Lanius

Major: Communication and Rhetoric

Title: “The Path of Least Resistance: An exploration of non-human agency in a workplace survey”


$75 Third Prize Graduate Essay

Simon Ellis

Major:  Computer Science

Title:  “What if Watson Got Board?: Using cognitive computing to play highly-complex tabletop games”




Undergraduate Electronic Media


$300 First Prize Undergraduate Electronic Media

Brendan Bequette

Major: Electrical Engineering

Title: “Rensselaer Autonomous Roving Vehicle”


$175 Second Prize Undergraduate Electronic Media

Eric Chin

Major: Architecture

Title: “Affinity”


$75 Third Prize Undergraduate Electronic Media

Abigail Agosto

Major: Nuclear Engineering

Title: Catcher in the Rye Trailer”



Graduate Electronic Media


$300 First Prize Graduate Electronic Media

Arun Ghandi

Major: Electrical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

Title: “Perception”


$175 Second Prize Graduate Electronic Media

Stephanie Jennings

Major: Communication and Rhetoric

Title: (vine game) “Inevitable”


$75 Third Prize Graduate Electronic Media

Simon Ellis

Major: Computer Science

Title: (game) “The Hall of the Fount of Artois”