BS in Communication

The Communication and Media (C&M) curriculum provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of communication in today's "information society." The B.S. in Communication provides both a theoretical foundation in basic communication principles, and a hands-on education in applying those principles to communicating in a world driven by technology and new media.

C&M offers students different tracks of study that target areas of expertise within the department and provide coherent sets of courses to give students breadth and depth within a subject area. Tracks are recommendations for elective courses that fit together well; they are not requirements. The only requirements are the 4 Core Courses and 28 credits of electives within the department (C&M courses prefixed with COMM, WRIT, LITR).

The department also offers several programs of study that are more specialized than the general COMM degree, and they have more extensive and specific requirements. Students can take a general BS COMM degree with a Concentration in Graphic Design: Theory, Research, Practice; and they can obtain a Certificate in Communication Design. Students can also take a Dual Major in Design Innovation & Society and Communication (DIS/COMM.) These programs are described in separate documents.

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