BS in Communication, Media, and Design

The 40-credit hour B.S. degree in Communication, Media, and Design (CMD) prepares students to communicate in diverse multimedia and multicultural contexts. The core of CMD focuses on strategic and creative communication, graphic design, critical media analysis, and multimodal design. CMD connects theory with practice to produce versatile, professional, and creative communicators with multiple media literacies that are valued across a wide range of careers.

The new B.S. in CMD is not only a destination major but is also meant to be flexible enough to benefit students in other majors. Now, more than ever, expertise in communication and design thinking are fundamental to any career, whether you are pursuing a future in business management, the creative arts, computer science, engineering, information science, engineering, math, video game development, or academia.

From content creation to data visualization, from motion graphic animation to mixed-reality design, the new B.S. degree prepares students for a broad range of communication and research practices in an ever-changing global landscape. In a networked society, the ability to clearly communicate ideas can foster the kinds of innovation and collaboration that can change the world.


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