C&M Lecturer Maurice Suckling Publishes 2nd Edition of Video Game Writing

C&M Lecturer Maurice Suckling Publishes 2nd Edition of Video Game Writing

Date posted: 2017-03-24 14:48:27

Dr. Maurice Suckling, Lecturer in Communications & Media and a member of the Games & Simulation Arts & Sciences (GSAS) faculty, has published a second edition of Video Game Writing from Macro to Micro, co-authored with Marek Walton (Mercury Learning and Information).

Dr. Suckling’s first game was Driver, in 1999. Since then he’s worked on over 40 published video games, including Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!Mafia III, Civilization 6, and the Wii Fit series. He’s worked as a producer, a designer, and a voice director, but most often as a writer. Between 2013 and 2015 he was Narrative Director at 2K Australia. Outside of games he works in TV and fiction, co-writing Alphablocks for BBC TV, and publishing a collection of short stories, Photocopies of Heaven. He holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Newcastle University, England.

From Amazon.com:

Video Game Writing From Macro to Micro is a user-friendly, in-depth discussion of video game writing from historical, practical, legal, creative, and game integration perspectives. Chapters cover what is expected of the writing in games of various genres, the basics of Non-Disclosure Agreements and contracts that often go hand in hand with a video game writing job, how a video game writer must collaborate with other members of the team, principles of narrative design, outlines, character documents, environmental storytelling, types of scripts, and much more. Exercises at the end of every chapter (such as "Using a format of your choosing, diagrammatically represent the plot of any two stories you like. One of them should originate from a game.") help the reader get a hands-on understanding of the craft of writing for games. 

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