Entries will be accepted in undergraduate and graduate divisions in each of the following categories: Fiction or Drama, Poetry, Essay / Creative Nonfiction, and Electronic Media. 

Students may submit to as many categories as they wish; however, students are limited to two entries and one award in each category.

Print Media

  • Fiction or Drama - A short story, a novel or chapter from a novel, a one-act play, or a full-length play or screenplay. 
  • Poetry - A group of 2-6 poems or a single poem from each entrant.
  • Essay / Creative Nonfiction  - An essay (can include a paper written for a class) as well as a work of creative nonfiction.

Electronic and Other Mixed Media Using Language  

  • Any visualization using words as a dominant element to convey a story, message, or experience. Fiction, drama, poetry, and essays using electronic and other mixed media are encouraged, as are all forms of visual communication that emphasize language in 2-d, 3-d, digital/electronic (video & animation) media. Examples include interactive narratives, motion type, audio-visual art, visual narratives, games, animations, net art, and storybooks.