The Department of C&M offers a selection of minors, all of which require at least 16 credit hours. Minors are highly recommended although not required for the completion of the Bachelor's degree. C&M majors cannot take C&M minors (Communication, Professional Writing or Literature) if it will duplicate core requirements.

Students may choose to take courses to form a minor in an area of interest or opt to complete a set of courses with a coherence based on subject, methodology, or other factors. Courses for the minor may not be taken as Pass/No Credit.



The Chinese Minor Program at Rensselaer is designed to help students develop fluency in the Chinese language while gaining competence in Chinese culture and intercultural communication, according to the standards of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The Minor, which complements all majors across the Institute, connects students with Rensselaer programs for study abroad and internships in China.



This minor consists of one required course (Introduction to Communication Theory). Students must also take one 4000 level communication course. Two other four-credit communication courses (designated COMM- xxxx or WRIT-xxxx) are also required.


Human-Computer Interaction

The minor in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is designed to give students familiarity with the basic principles of usability and interactivity and experience in designing and evaluating interactive systems for usability and suitability for use by diverse user populations. Students will gain familiarity with some of the theories and research that guide the design, development, and evaluation of interactive experience and will have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice.



This minor consists of one required course (Introduction to Literature), plus any three other four-credit Literature courses (designated LITR-xxxx).


Professional Writing

This minor consists of one required course (Introduction to Communication Theory). Students must also take one additional designated writing course (chosen from Writing for Classroom and Career, Rhetoric and Writing, or Writing in the Digital Age), and two electives from a list of selections in writing, communication, and literature (Interactive Narrative, Speech Communication, Writing for Promotion and Marketing, Creative Writing: Nonfiction, Proposing and Persuading, Writing About Science, Typography, or Information Design). At least one course in this minor must be at the 4000 level.


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