Ekaterina Haskins

Ekaterina Haskins


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  • Ph.D., rhetorical studies, University of Iowa
  • M.A., communication from Wake Forest University
  • B.A., English, Moscow State University

Ekaterina Haskins is interested in the theory and history of rhetoric, visual rhetoric, and rhetorics of public memory and national identity.

“I investigate how citizenship, understood as a relation among strangers bound together by a common national or cultural identity, is negotiated through a variety of cultural practices and media, including official and grassroots commemorations, museums, and electronic archives,” Haskins said. “My book-in-progress, Popular Memories: Commemorations, Participatory Culture, and Democratic Renewal  addresses how public commemorations of the last decade both reflect the rise of participatory culture and constitute an important site for contesting what it means to be a citizen in today’s liberal democracies. I am also interested in the role of non-verbal means of expression and experiences in creating shared bonds of community.”

She is the author of Logos and Power in Isocrates and Aristotle. Her research on classical and contemporary rhetoric has been published in the Quarterly Journal of Speech, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Philosophy and Rhetoric, History and Memory, Space and Culture, Journal of Communication Inquiry, and the American Communication Journal, as well as in a number of edited collections.

Haskins' scholarship received numerous awards, including Karl Wallace Memorial Award from the National Communication Association in 2007, the Eastern Communication Association's 2005 Everett Lee Hunt Award for Outstanding Scholarship in recognition of her book, the Rhetoric Society of America's Kneupper Award for Best Article published in 2000 in the Rhetoric Society Quarterly, and Oustanding Dissertation award from the American Society for the History of Rhetoric in 1999.

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