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Pixels is an online gallery that showcases creative work (art, design, short fiction and poetry) by current students, alumni and faculty in the Department of Communication and Media. It also documents, through high resolution photos, on-site graphics exhibitions in the Vertical Gallery and Dean's Lounge of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences located in Russell Sage Laboratory. Submitted work undergoes jurying by members of the department's Web Policy Committee and other invited jurors as the committee deems appropriate. Pixels accepts submissions on a rolling basis. To submit work for consideration email Audrey Bennett (bennett@rpi.edu) a jpeg, png, html, swf, pdf or video file (10 MB or less), a thumbnail (200 x 150 pixels) of the work, and a signed permissions form.

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Design for Humanity's Sake

The title of this exhibit, "Design for Humanity's Sake," is another derivative of Victor Cousin's French slogan for "Art for Art's Sake" and the popular derivative "Design for Design's Sake." The exhibit highlights current students and alumni who use creative problem solving to respond to or address social and environmental problems. The visual and verbal works on display in "Design for Humanity's Sake" grapple with global issues like HIV/AIDS, sustainability, water-shortage, hunger, literacy, STEM outreach and retention, among other pertinent issues. The types of work in this perennial exhibit will range, over time, from intuitive artistic expressions to research-generated, communication designs.

Current work was created as part of the "Cross-Cultural Graphics" class.
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