Undergraduate programs in C&M provide students with a multidisciplinary education that is essential for leadership in a global society being constantly transformed by new communication processes and technologies. Rensselaer's strong technological culture provides students with an unrivaled hands-on education in using and creating media that shape information for societal impact.

Our programs prepare students to compete for and attain employment in emerging fields that combine knowledge of multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks and methods for media production and innovation.

B.S. Programs

  • B.S. in Communication:
    This program provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of communication in today's information society. It provides both a theoretical foundation in basic communication principles and a hands-on education in applying those principles to communicating in a world driven by technology and new media. This program offers students optional tracks of study: Media and Culture, Human-Computer Interaction, Professional Writing and Presentation, Literature and Expression, and Design Studio. These tracks provide coherent sets of courses to give students breadth and depth within a subject area.
  • B.S. in Communication with a Concentration in Graphic Design:
    This program provides a curriculum for undergraduate students who seek professional careers in the authorship and design of information for communication purposes. It provides a focused study in communication design for print and digital media and prepares students for a 21st century professional career developing and designing communication experiences for the good of society.
  • B.S. in EMAC (Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication):
    This interdisciplinary program provides a unique interdisciplinary curriculum that combines Communication and Arts, with concentrations in Digital Storytelling, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Marketing Communication and Design, and Sound Design and Popular Culture. This program encourages students to be creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and entrepreneurs who will use media technologies in innovative ways in industry, art, and education, giving them a flexible advantage in today's challenging economy.
  • B.S. in GSAS (Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences) with a concentration in Writing for Games (B.S. in Communication)
    This interdisciplinary program allows students to choose specific concentrations, such as art, programming, writing, human-computer interaction, management, and cognitive science, to prepare them for careers in all sectors of the video game industry, from commercial blockbusters to independent games, serious and experimental games, and games as art. 
  • B.S. in ITWS (Information Technology & Web Science) with concentration in Communication:
    This interdisciplinary program is offered in cooperation with the School of Science. Students learn about the physical science underlying the Web and the social science of its impact. They also learn the skills involved in running large-scale information systems and developing Web applications. Students take a core set of courses in Web and IT development, along with courses in Management and also Communication.

Dual Majors

Communication programs are popular choices for dual majors at Rensselaer. Below are examples that continue to attract student interest.

  • COMM/DSIS: B.S. in Communication (with an emphasis in Graphic Design) and Design, Innovation, and Society
  • COMM/BMGT: B.S. in Communication and Business Management
  • COMM/CSCI: B.S. in Communication and Computer Science
  • COMM/MATH: B.S. in Communication and Math
  • COMM/GSAS: B.S. in Communication and Games and Simulations Arts and Sciences