Undergraduate programs in C&M provide students with a multidisciplinary education that is essential for leadership in a global society being constantly transformed by new communication processes and technologies. Rensselaer's strong technological culture provides students with an unrivaled hands-on education in using and creating media that shape information for societal impact.

Our programs prepare students to compete for and attain employment in emerging fields that combine knowledge of multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks and methods for media production and innovation.

B.S. Programs

  • B.S. in Communication, Media, and Design (CMD):
    The B.S. degree in Communication, Media, and Design (CMD) prepares students to communicate in diverse multimedia and multicultural contexts. The core of CMD focuses on strategic and creative communication, graphic design, critical media analysis, and multimodal design. CMD connects theory with practice to produce versatile, professional, and creative communicators with multiple media literacies that are valued across a wide range of careers.

  • B.S. in GSAS (Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences) with a concentration in Writing for Games (B.S. in Communication, Media, and Design)
    This interdisciplinary program allows students to choose specific concentrations, such as art, programming, writing, human-computer interaction, management, and cognitive science, to prepare them for careers in all sectors of the video game industry, from commercial blockbusters to independent games, serious and experimental games, and games as art.